The Focus 3600’s versatile size, large viewing space, 1.4gr/h emissions and high efficiency make it ideal for retrofits and new installations alike.

Power and performance in a small package. At 2.1 cubic feet, the firebox of the Focus 3600 is the same size as the average wood stove, except it takes up less floor space and has a contemporary, built-in design. Despite its compact size, the Focus 3600 offers a large viewing space and generates an impressive amount of heat. With such a small footprint, the Focus not only saves space in the home, but it can be installed virtually anywhere.

This fireplace is certified for use with 6″ ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.


Documents and Specs

Focus 3600

Note: The installation manual should always be used for the precise planning and accurate installation of your fireplace.

Firebox Size 2.1 cu ft

Based on overall firebox dimensions, EPA firebox volume per certification testing is 1.6 cubic feet.

Firewood Length EPA tested with 12″ & 16″ logs, can accept up to 18″ logs
Glass Viewing Area 241 in2
20 ½” W x 11 ¾” H
EPA Certification 1.49g/h
BTU Output 44,135 BTU/h

Based on EPA certification testing using cordwood and calculations from CSA B415.1-10

BTU Maximum 50,000 BTU/h

Based on engineering calculations using firebox volume, efficiency, loading density (12lb/cu ft for hardwood), average humidity, reloading interval, type of installation, etc.

Heating Capacity 800 to 1,500 ft2

Depends primarily on wood quality, ambient air temperature and building heat loss.

Optimal Efficiency 79%

Low Heating Value (LHV) using CSA B415.1-10 calculations.

EPA Average Efficiency 74%

High Heating Value (HHV) using CSA B415.1-10 calculations.

EPA Average CO 1.29 g/min

Carbon Monoxide (CO), using data from EPA crib wood testing

Specs and CAD
U.S. EPA Certificate
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