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EXCEL Chimney is Certified to Withstand Chimney Fires 

EXCEL chimney is specifically engineered for wood burning stoves, fireplaces and residential furnaces. It is certified for use on appliances that burn wood, oil, coal, gas, and charcoal. It comes in 5”, 6”, 7” & 8” diameters. EXCEL was the first 1 inch wall chimney to pass the ULC standard.

Innovative engineering. Superior construction.

EXCEL tackles four major chimney design and quality problems head on. ABy not using end caps, EXCEL eliminates:
  1. Rigidity at the joints, which can inhibit the expansion and contraction of the flue. Expansion is essential to surviving a chimney fire without damage.
2. Heat being conducted from the flue to the outside casing. A cool flue and hot outer casing is exactly the opposite of how a chimney should work. EXCEL’s continuous seam welded construction: 3. Reduces mechanical stress under chimney fire conditions, by removing the weakest link in chimney design – the lock seam. 4 Ensures the chimney is completely gas and water tight. Premium Materials
  • EXCEL’s unique “Thermoplus” insulation heats flue gases quickly due to its extremely high insulating value.
  • The continuous blanket insulation design eliminates couplings between sections. Chimney manufacturers who pack the insulation, force it in under pressure, which can inhibit the ability of the flue to expand during a chimney fire causing the liner to buckle.
  • “Thermoplus” stays soft even after years of use and won’t settle like packed insulation.
  • EXCEL is the lightest weight chimney of its kind on the market, making it easy to install.
  • Both EXCEL’s flue, and its casing are .016″ stainless steel.

 We build it better, so we back it longer

EXCEL Lifetime Limited Warranty


Technical Information


EXCEL is tested and listed by Intertek Testing Services to two safety standards:

  • UL 103HT – The standard for solid and liquid fuel chimneys installed in the USA.
  • Along with many other tests the UL 103HT Standard requires the chimney to withstand three 10 minute chimney fires at 2100°F (1150°C).
  • Listing #5965
  • ULC S-629 – The standard for solid and liquid fuel chimneys installed in Canada.
  • Along with many other tests the ULC S-629 Standard requires the chimney to withstand three 30 minute chimney fires at 2100°F (1150°C).
  • Listing #5965

Clearance to Combustible Materials

2” clearance except in areas protected by factory-built supports certified for reduced clearance. EXCEL round and square supports permit the chimney to be installed with approximately 1 inch of clearance – in the area shielded by the support.


EXCEL chimney is suitable for use on appliances that burn:

  • Wood
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Charcoal
  • It is specifically engineered for wood burning stoves, fireplaces and residential furnaces.

Allowable Flue Gas Temperatures

  • Max Continuous 650°C (1200°F)
  • Brief Forced Firing 925°C (1700°F)
  • Tested To 1150°C (2100°F)
Flue .016” 304 or FW2 stainless steel
Casing .016” 430 stainless steel
Seam Interior and exterior seams are continuous seam welded
Insulation Thermoplus continuous blanket
Wall thickness 1”
Paint All black EXCEL components are painted with Forrest “Stove Bright” flat black paint




Industrial Chimney Company (ICC) warrants its EXCEL chimney systems to be free from functional failure due to defects in material or workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns the chimney system. This warranty provides for replacement of any components which fail as a result of normal use on a residential fireplace, wood burning stove, furnace or boiler and includes replacement of any components damaged as a result of a chimney fire. (Note: Chimney fires are dangerous and preventable. We strongly encourage you to have your chimney cleaned regularly.) ICC warrants all stainless steel chimney components against perforation as a result of corrosion. This warranty does not cover damage caused to the building by chimney fires or misuse of the product.

No claims under this warranty will be honored unless ICC is notified of the potential claim and is given the opportunity to have one of its agents examine the chimney prior to replacement.

ICC will only be responsible for repair or replacement of any components found to be defective under this warranty. In no event shall ICC be responsible for any incidental or consequential damage caused by defects in the EXCEL chimney system.

During the first ten years of the warranty ICC will provide replacement chimney components at no charge. During the balance of the warranty ICC will provide replacement chimney components at 50% of the current retail price at the time of the warranty claim.

ICC will not be responsible for labor of any kind required in the removal or replacement of an EXCEL system replaced under this warranty.

These chimneys are designed to vent residential heating oil, untreated wood, low sulphur coal, and natural or LP gas. They are designed to operate at a continuous temperature of 650°C (1200°F) or less. They are not designed to vent condensing oil or gas appliances. This warranty is void if the chimney is used in an application for which it is not designed.

The EXCEL systems must be installed according to the Installation Instructions included with every system at the time of purchase. If you do not have a set of installation instructions, they are available free upon request. This warranty is void if the chimney is not installed according to the installation instructions.

This warranty may not be extended or modified by our agents or representatives. This warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties or guarantees, of any kind.


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