Architects and Designers

The Renaissance Rumford™ offers project architects and designers a blank slate. It offers the freedom to create various styles from craftsman to contemporary and everything in between. Ultimately, the good looks and versatility of the Renaissance Rumford makes it the perfect wood burning fireplace for the design community. There are no louvres or grills to brand the Renaissance as prefabricated, and its beautiful fire accentuates any design.

The Renaissance Rumford™ is a decorative wood fireplace that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional open fires while featuring all the advantages of a prefab. All this and the beauty of an open fire.

The Renaissance Rumford offers advantages such as:

  • A prefabricated steel fireplace that looks like a true masonry hearth;
  • The first fireplace to ever be listed on the American Environmental Protection Agency’s “List of Cleaner Wood-Burning Fireplaces” (visit the EPA’s website at;
  • A guillotine-style door that remains hidden until needed;
  • The world’s greenest, cleanest-burning open fireplace exceeding high-efficiency wood stove standards for emissions when the door is closed;
  • A customizable canvas to accentuate the design of the room rather than the traditional “metal box” look;
  • Award-winning design and innovation (winner of 3 Vesta Awards in 2008 including “Best in Show”);
  • Operates like a traditional masonry fireplace with no air control levers or complicated gas fireplace remotes. Just toss in some dry wood and paper and drop in a match;
  • Beautiful, tall flames that have to be seen to be believed, even with very little wood;
  • Entirely unique and exclusive for high-end clients;
  • The culmination of 20 years of experience making quality steel fireplaces;
  • Specifications in the most popular formats all readily available online;
  • Decorative yet still providing a comfortable amount of heat;
  • A faster burn rate giving homeowners virtually complete control over when the fire will go out, be it in 5 hours or 15 minutes
    Rapid lighting that does not require waiting or air adjustments for a full and vibrant fire;
  • Uses an insulated stainless steel chimney which is the safest chimney you can buy, the easiest to maintain, and the easiest to spec.

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