VIP+ is a modular, double wall chimney system designed to vent positive pressure appliances. The prefabricated design has a sealed flue capable of containing pressure up to 60 inches of water column and is built to operate at continuous temperatures up to 1400˚F.

It is suitable to vent:

  • Stationary engines such as generators or turbines
  • Furnaces and boilers
  • Industrial ovens and process equipment
  • Combustion gasses or heated air
  • Restaurant hoods


VIP+ has the following certifications:

UL103 Pressure Listed: Standard for factory-built chimneys for residential-type and building heating appliances

UL1978 Standard for grease ducts

UL2561 Standard for high temp (1400°F) factory-built chimneys

ULC/ORD-C959 Standard for 540°C and 760°C industrial chimneys

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ICC is a market leader in venting manufacturing. We apply leading-edge technology and engineering to find innovative solutions for everyday problems.

Our innovative components are conceived with the goal of faster, easier assembly, which is the best way to reduce labor cost and installation errors.

All ICC products are built to meet modern needs in the harshest environments. 

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